Happy Australia Day!

Greetings from down under! In a strange turn of events I have just joined that Carnival Spirit in Sydney, Australia. Although my last post was all about how much I was looking forward to vacation, I just couldn’t say no to an opportunity to visit Australia, and some of it’s surrounding islands, and the first cruise I join it is Australia day! Of all the days… I’ll only be here for a few weeks, so I will still have some nice home time before my next regularly scheduled outing at sea.

While I am out here on the Spirit, I get to play as a soloist which I haven’t done for almost two years on ships. While I do love playing in the band, it is a nice change of pace playing by yourself. You get to play a wider range of artists, and your ability to take requests is a lot higher playing solo. Also being able to take a wide variety of requests allows you to meet, and connect with more guests. I am still in contact with many guests that I have met over the years, and some of them have come back to see me, or the band on different ships, purely because we were there. This is the ultimate compliment any musician can ask for, or receive.

As I will only be here a few weeks, many of the ports I will be visiting will be the only opportunity I have there. Just like the guests I have described in past posts, I will have to make the most of each opportunity I have here while getting to visit new countries, and new ports. With the exception of Sydney which I will be in a handful of times, I will get to go to a few different Australian ports, as well as Tasmania, and New Zealand to name a few. I hope to experience some exciting new places, and be able to share some new stories here on the blog.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my time down here as much as I can over the next few weeks. I feel truly blessed to be able to work for a company that gives me the opportunity to see all the places I have, and continue to see more. If anyone just happens to be hanging out in Australia, jump on a cruise with me! Benn Hansen we WILL figure out a time to meet up!

Also, if someone could help me figure out what time the Super Bowl will be on here, I would appreciate it… The some 18 hour time difference plus the added day is throwing me through a loop…

Happy Australia Day all!


One thought on “Happy Australia Day!

  1. Hey there, hope you enjoy your time in Australia, Charlie said he was in Brisbane and New Zeland when he was in the Navy, he was there in 1969 on his way home from Yokosuka, Japan, he had 5days in each port said he liked it, wanted to stay there but his 3class boatswain mate told him he couldn’t stay, so he had to get back on ship and come back to the states. So try to enjoy your time there but come back home. We enjoyed your music on both cruises we took with the band.

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