Off Again!


Packing your entire life into a couple bags is harder than you think. You would also think it gets easier the more you do it, but i find it is just the opposite. It’s hard to decide what you do and don’t need for six months at a time. It’s nothing short of hilarious how I can’t decide if a t-shirt comes or goes, it shouldn’t be this hard. I need to figure out why I don’t have this on lockdown yet. It should be down to a science at this point… But it’s not. No matter how hard it is, and how long I put it off and procrastinate it always gets done, and here it is.

I always have such mixed feelings leaving home to head out to sea for so long. On one hand, I have about the greatest job ever, sing, travel, meet wonderful people from all over. Though, I do hate being away from home, friends, family, etc… Regardless, I am excited to be heading back to work, to learning, and making music again. That is, after all, the dream. Singing for a living. Miami here I come!

Life is good.