Warning, New Years Resolutions Inside

New Year’s Eve 2015. I find myself doing what I do most days that I am in the states and off of the ship. I’m at Starbucks in Tampa and using what little precious internet time that I have. As does everyone this time of year I am thinking about resolutions, and more specifically the resolutions that I have given up on or forgotten about in years past, probably before February even rolled around. Last year, one stuck throughout the year, and even though my success rate for resolutions is likely 10% I am pretty proud of it. It’s all about that momentum. This year my resolution is to stick with my resolutions!……….

-Read a Book a month. This is a continuation of the resolution I stuck with last year. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, since I fought against it my whole life.

-One blog post per week (this terrifies me)

-Continue to grow musically. Specifically with guitar, and guitar reading.

-Stretch. At the time of this writing I can’t touch my toes. Maybe 2016 will be my year.

-The obligatory gym resolution. Seriously though… Seriously.

-Be open to change, and not just to accept things because they’re comfortable.

-Make $1 from something I create. Business, music, whatever it may be.

Thank you to everyone who has read along with my life in blog posts this year. It means more to me than I can ever express. It is a pastime that I never would have though would bring me joy, but it has been a truly pleasing way to chronicle life at sea. Thank you all so much, see you in 2016.


Christmas On Board

I’ve posted a lot recently about the holidays, and how it is to be on board for those days. You can read my Thanksgiving post here, and even a birthday post here. Christmas is easily the strangest holiday on board. Something about the caribbean weather just doesn’t scream White Christmas I guess. Regardless, I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful!

Eight years ago I moved from eastern Washington to Las Vegas with a group of my closest friends. We left in the winter, and that was a large topic of conversation of things that we were not going to miss. The cold in eastern Washington lasts for what seems like an eternity each year, and while we were happy to leave it for that warm desert Continue reading “Christmas On Board”