My Most Recent Conquest

It’s been a while since my last update, and a lot has happened. The last time I posted, I was down in Australia filling in on the Carnival Spirit sailing from Sydney. While I was there I was asked to deviate from my next contract which was supposed to be a ship out of LA, and rejoin a ship that we had a great time on around this time last year. I am back on the Carnival Conquest.

Carnival has recently reinvested in it’s music program, and starting with the Conquest, Breeze, and Vista, there are lots of new music acts being experimented with. I have never had a bigger music team on board, and I am very excited about some of the new offerings. It’s an honor to have been asked to head up this new experimental program, and I have a lot to do, but it’s good work being done here.

The band has had a horn section added in, which adds so much depth to the songs we’ve previously had to do without them, and they also do their own sets as an act of their own. We have a brand new string trio, who does a mixture of classical acoustic sets, as well as more modern electric sets. There is a brand new high energy Latin Duo on board which has transformed one of our lounges into a latin dance club. We also have a Calypso soloist bringing in a caribbean vibe up on our pool deck. All of these acts on top of the cruise ship staples that everyone already enjoys; Piano Bar, acoustic soloists, and of course that band #SIXAPPEAL.

The idea behind these new additions is to slowly implement them throughout the fleet. So the success of these acts here and on the other two pilot ships is crucial. As I said previously, the work being done here is good, as our successes will transfer to the overall entertainment value being offered on other ships across the fleet, and in turn, the employment of more musicians. Because working musicians, are happy musicians… Usually.

Come see us on the Conquest, we have a lot of new stuff to show you!


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