Happy Australia Day!

Greetings from down under! In a strange turn of events I have just joined that Carnival Spirit in Sydney, Australia. Although my last post was all about how much I was looking forward to vacation, I just couldn’t say no to an opportunity to visit Australia, and some of it’s surrounding islands, and the first cruise I join it is Australia day! Of all the days… I’ll only be here for a few weeks, so I will still have some nice home time before my next regularly scheduled outing at sea. Continue reading “Happy Australia Day!”


Vacation, Or What I Call Going Home

3:30pm Cincinnati, OH

Here I sit in the Cincinnati airport on a layover and I am reflecting over my last six months on board the Carnival Paradise. Why they would send me so far north to go southwest I’ll never understand… But, I digress.

It’s a bittersweet feeling the day you sign off of a ship. On one hand you finally get time off, time for yourself, and the freedom to use your time how you’d like. Still, on the other you know that these experiences with this Continue reading “Vacation, Or What I Call Going Home”