28 Years

Last week I celebrated my 28th birthday on board the ship. I have now celebrated my last three birthdays while on a contract. People that you meet and grow close to on ships always do a great job of making birthdays special, and memorable, but it is a different feeling on board than what you have grown used to on land. I am very fortunate to get to work closely with some friends that I have known for a couple years now on ships, and even have the luxury of a friend from home who is currently working on board the same ship. Having either of these on a ship is very rare, and the fact that I have both is extremely lucky. Continue reading “28 Years”


The People You Meet

You may be surprised to learn that living on a ship is a very transient lifestyle. Obviously I jest, but the fact remains. Every single cruise upwards up 50 new crew members sign on, which in turn means that the same number are leaving. Some crew members are going home for vacation, others transferring to another ship, and occasionally someone is leaving for good for another job, retirement, etc… Either way the fact is that each week a friend, a co-worker, and person that you see everyday leaves at the end of their contract. Transient as it may be, it is often not the last time you will see these friends. Continue reading “The People You Meet”