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I think this is an important read – and very appropriate given our current climate.

Steve A. Wiggins

One of the more obvious transitions to adulthood involves Christmas becoming less of a holiday for receiving gifts. As we get older we learn that very few things in life are actually free, and that gifts often have some kinds of obligations involved. My favorite gifts have always been books and movies. Each comes with a required investment of time. That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful, or that I don’t want these things—quite the opposite! It simply means that time is required to enjoy them. Or benefit from them. In the workaday world, time is the rarest gift of all. The gifts I received fell mostly into these genres, so I’ll be sharing a number of these books and movies with you over the next few months.

A knowing relative gave me a refrigerator magnet. Our fridge is covered in these, mostly from places we’ve visited. We do have one…

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My Most Recent Conquest

It’s been a while since my last update, and a lot has happened. The last time I posted, I was down in Australia filling in on the Carnival Spirit sailing from Sydney. While I was there I was asked to deviate from my next contract which was supposed to be a ship out of LA, and rejoin a ship that we had a great time on around this time last year. I am back on the Carnival Conquest. Continue reading “My Most Recent Conquest”