Onward and Upward

Over the course of the two years I have been on cruise ships, the band I play in has gone through many different looks. Though myself, and one other original member remain, we have seen the other four positions rotate through (hold on I’m counting) 11 other members, one of them two separate times. We have lost members in every way from retiring from ships, to being fired, getting promoted,

and getting married (I say it all the time, it only takes one girl to break up a band). Well, this cruise we had to say goodbye to one of our long time members, Juan. Fortunately, his time with us ended on a happy note.

Juan joined us a couple of contracts back after a long stretch of temporary keyboard players. He immediately became a great fit and a huge asset to our group. From the beginning of his time with us he had great ideas, and from our first rehearsal  knew he’d eventually become a great leader of his own band, and be in charge of the music on his own ship. Today, we sent him off to do just that.

Unfortunately for us, this has left us without a keys player for the time being, and until we get a replacement we have a shortened list of songs available to us as some songs are impossible to play sans keys player. Though we can of course deal with this minor inconvenience as we were able to send our guy off to bigger and better things.

Today Juan is the newest Musical Director is the Carnival fleet, and is in charge of all musical offerings aboard the Carnival Valor. You deserve it, Juan!


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